Friday, June 24, 2011


this is my 2nd tutorial for call spoofing
Earlier there was a call spoofing method but its not working now, But I have come across a new method fully working. Use it to call anyone using anybode else's number. You can also change your voice pitch so that the other person can't recognize you.

Warning-Only for educational purposes.

1. Open
2. Select your country and wait for the page to load.
3. Enter the number you want to display in the first big box (Dont change the contents of small box if the fake number is of same country).
4. Enter the number you wish to call in
second big box.
5. Choose voice pitch as normal (for same
voice) or high or low pitch to change your
6. Click Get me a code.
7. Dial the number shown on right and
enter the shown code when asked.

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