Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Flash BACK Checker-Tool to remove malware on MAC


Few days back, a new Trojan was detected which was found in more than 600,000 mac computers around the globe. This new Trojan was named as FlashBack Trojan. 
Now a Mac developer has develped a tool which is able to detect this popular and harmful malware infection in a Mac computer. This new tool is very small in size which is approx 38 KB. This tool is created by Juan Leon, a software engineer at Garmin International, the Kansas-based company best known for its GPS devices.
This tool is available to download from github and can be run on Mac OS X10.5. This tool is posted as opensource software. So interested developers can see the code to know more how it works.
Flashback checker runs the tests described in the F-Secure Bulletin

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