Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How to Post Animated GIF images on your FACEBOOK wall

By Default, Facebook does not allow users to post animated GIF images on Facebook. But we can see many Facebook profiles which are posting cool animated GIF images on Facebook. So how can you do this? This is the question which i am getting from many of our readers. So today i am going to post this nice trick.
Although Facebook do not allow users to upload GIF images on Facebook, users can upload GIF images with the help of some facebook applications. Animated-Pictures is also the same kind of Facebook application which allow users to post animated images on their friend's wall.

Follow these steps:
Follow the link and go to the Animated Picture app on Facebook.
Click on Go to App button. Now you are on the app interface. Here you can select the wall of the person or page on which you want to post this image.
If you want to post your own animated picture, click on Upload Image and then enter the URL of the image. After selecting the image, a new pop up will open where you can write a message before posting this image.

Now you know how to post animated images on Facebook. :)
if you are facing any problem then add a comment.
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