Sunday, November 4, 2012

Indian Mobile Companies to Link with Interception Server

The country’s telecommunication department is ready to demand that all mobile phone companies link their networks up with RIM’s interception server by 2013.


Despite the request of the telecommunication groups to the Indian government for a 4-month extension before they had to comply, the terms remained the same and by the end of 2012 everyone has to be linked. The country’s government has also been leaning on the Blackberry maker to check if the interception system is working as they expected. They want to demonstrate its work via trials with Vodafone.

Local media reports that both the India’s Intelligence Bureau and the telecoms department were unhappy with a trial on Vodafone’s network which took place earlier in 2012. Despite the fact that the company originally resisted, RIM has to introduce the technologies to decrypt its Blackberry Messenger service (also known as BBM), along with Blackberry Internet Services. Moreover, it also has to be able to decrypt call data, server locations, and Blackberry Enterprise Services used for corporate e-mails.

There was an internal note leaked to the press. It was dated last week and saying that the company has to arrange for testing as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, new CEO Thorstein Heins has announced his company’s commitment to cooperating with the authorities, but this would only be for lawful interception. In other words, RIM is supposed to care about customer security at the first place. While the Indian authorities continue insisting that they will be able to decrypt RIM’s services, Thorstein Heins promised that people would still have a completely secure communication. Earlier in 2012 the company denied the rumors that it had handed the authorities the encryption keys to its networks.


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